Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is Seach Engine Optimization?

In order for your web site to be found in the vast sea of other websites, seach engines need to be able to find you.  This is the process of making your site “search engine friendly”.

Seach Engines only index TEXT,  so don’t use images for important information.

In order to get a better ranking in search engine results,  a good web designer will:

•start with a domain name that describes what you do as closely as possible.

•not look at free website hosting.  It is not a good idea, as you should have your own IP address to get good results from search engine rankings.  Of course in the end, this is up to the client

•make sure your site easy to navigate

•make sure your links work, nothing worse than clicking on a link that goes nowhere

•use words that describe your site (meta tags).  These tags are what the search engines will look for to index your site.

•validate your code – making sure your site meets the W3C standards for today’s websites.

•use a site map

use enough text so your site will not be disregarded by the search engines

use descriptive tags for images, this helps people who cannot see your images and search engines

test your site in different Browsers to make sure your pages can be seen correctly

optimize your images for faster loading

These are some of the things a good web designer should automatically include in their services when building your pages.  If they are charging you extra for any of the above, maybe you should check around.

until next time, linda


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