Building your first website?

This can be overwhelming if you know absolutely nothing about website design. My first suggestion would be to look at some websites. This can be helpful in giving you some ideas about your own website.  Check out some webdesigners and look at the services they are offering, their portfolio and prices.

If I don’t find this information on someone’s pages then I move on to someone that does give me prices. Maybe this is just a personal preference, I don’t know, but to me, when pricing information is left out, it is just a tactic to make you contact them in hopes they will get a sale.

Golden Rule: Don’t waste the client’s time.

Once you have looked at some web pages & webdesigners, you should have some first impressions.

Some of the questions you may be asking yourself what are all these technical terms these webdesigners are using?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This is probably the most important part of designing a website.  SEO is simply making your site “search engine friendly”.  Without this the search engines cannot find you and your site will not show up in webpage searches

A good webdesigner will always include this as part of their services.  If they don’t, time to move on.

SEO is part of my services and I will never charge you extra for this service.  Although I make sure your site meets all of the requirements of good SEO, there are things you must do to ensure your site gets higher rankings with the search engines.

Higher rankings just means how often your site is getting seen and the more often it is seen the higher rankings it will get.  The higher your rankings the more likely you will show up near the beginning of a search.

Simply what happens with search engines is this:  they “crawl” the web and spider sites, which then get indexed.  Once that happens your site becomes visible on the internet and can be searched.

Next Week – What Should I Be Doing?

Until next time, linda


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